Luiz H. Rapatão

Luiz H. Rapatão

Staff Software Engineer

8-Minute Read

What are Flaky Tests and why fix them!

Building tests is surely one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for a developer, in addition to usually generating more lines of code than the added functionality. This is due to the various scenarios that need, or should, be verified.

4-Minute Read

Optimizing tests in Spring Boot applications

It is extremely common for applications built with Spring Boot to have all their tests annotated with @SpringBootTest, but it is rare to find people who know the functionality of this annotation, when it is necessary to use it and its impact on the execution of an application’s tests.

3-Minute Read

Verify vararg methods using Mockito

Building tests is one of the most routine tasks for a developer and normally, with frameworks like jUnit and Mockito, this task tends to be carried out without great difficulties. Despite this, there are certain validations, which tend to be more complex, such as checking calls to methods with parameters of type varargs.

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