Luiz H. Rapatão

Luiz H. Rapatão

Senior Software Engineer

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Recently I needed to perform some simple tests of an application that only worked on Windows and as I don’t have this environment, I decided to create a VM with Windows 10. My first idea was to use VirtualBox , however, for some reason, I couldn’t start the installer at all, always generating a random error or else the screen was like the hiss of a TV, but colorful and without sound.

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awesome brazil

Every developer, at least once, must have come across awesome lists calls. These lists try to bring together in one place projects related to a theme or libraries for which they were developed.

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ACID Transactions

Acronym for Atomicity, Cconsistency, Iinsulation and Durability is a set of properties of a database transaction that aim to ensure data integrity and validity, even after systemic failures or electrical power failures.

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Many developers throughout their career end up creating many scripts, aliases and customizations in their development environments. These settings are normally kept in files, and when this user changes their environment, they sometimes make a copy of these files to the new environment. This process tends to be done by copying your files from one environment to another.

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