Luiz H. Rapatão

Luiz H. Rapatão

Senior Software Engineer

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ACID Transactions

Acronym for Atomicity, Cconsistency, Iinsulation and Durability is a set of properties of a database transaction that aim to ensure data integrity and validity, even after systemic failures or electrical power failures.

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Many developers throughout their career end up creating many scripts, aliases and customizations in their development environments. These settings are normally kept in files, and when this user changes their environment, they sometimes make a copy of these files to the new environment. This process tends to be done by copying your files from one environment to another.

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java code

Building tests is one of the most routine tasks for a developer and normally, with frameworks like jUnit and Mockito, this task tends to be carried out without great difficulties. Despite this, there are certain validations, which tend to be more complex, such as checking calls to methods with parameters of type varargs.

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