Luiz H. Rapatão

Luiz H. Rapatão

Senior Software Engineer

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CAP theorem

CAP theorem is a fundamental principle in distributed database systems that states only two out of the three: consistency, availability, and partition tolerance, can be achieved at any given time.

4-Minute Read

Local Kubernetes: Installing and using minikube

In my current project, we use Kubernetes massively and with that, I needed to perform tests more than once to verify that my deployment file was correct. Although there are environments that I could use to test, I decided to use minikube, in order to carry out tests locally and not risk impacting other users/applications.

2-Minute Read

What is a Reverse Proxy?

A reverse proxy is a server that has as its main functionality to receive requests from an external network, usually the Internet, and forward them to servers on an internal network.

8-Minute Read

What are Flaky Tests and why fix them!

Building tests is surely one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for a developer, in addition to usually generating more lines of code than the added functionality. This is due to the various scenarios that need, or should, be verified.

2-Minute Read

GnuPG: how to backup and restore your keys?

Recently, I had to transfer my private keys to a different computer. Since this looks like a trivial task (it was my first time doing it), I have decided to search for a “how-to” blog post that details the steps required for this task. After a few minutes, I got shocked that it seems to be a task that people don’t usually do, they seem to transfer only one key at once, never the whole key-ring.

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